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Classifieds are free to Club VeeDub Sydney members ($10.00 for non-members). Ads submitted will appear here and in our club magazine Zeitschrift for two months (or longer if requested). The deadline for classifieds to appear in Zeitschrift is the first Thursday of the month. Ads will appear first in Zeitschrift, so that our Club Members see them first. They will then be posted here a week or two later.

Members should email their For-Sale ads to the Editor. Non members can purchase an ad online or post a $10.00 cheque/money order to the Secretary, Club VeeDub Sydney Inc.

Photos can be included with your ad - just email JPGs to the Editor.

This page last updated:  July 2020


New ads:


For Sale:- 1970 Type 3 1600 Notchback TS. I purchased this car which was an original one-owner car from Rural Victoria, in the same family for 50 years. Comes with original Vic number plates, 50 yo Owners Manual, 1969 Vic street directory and 43 yo workshop manual. The car was always registered until about 8 months ago, when they decided to move the car onto the next owner.  I am a VW enthusiast and was planning to keep the vehicle as a Sunday driver, however now my family circumstances have changed and I no longer have the room to keep the car. The car was restored about 10 years ago, and has only minor rust in the sills. The window seals and panel seals have been replaced. The car is roadworthy and now under Historic Registration (Not Transferable).  $16,000ono. Please contact Daniel for further details – phone 0411 026 461 or email


For Sale:- Green 1098 Golf VR6. Not registered or running at the moment. Good for project or parts. Just needs battery and fuel pump (new fuel pump included just not installed yet). Askinf price $3,000. Please contact Jon for further details 0421 468 007 or email


For Sale:- 1972 VW Superbug S (1302S). First registered April 1973. Has original log book, instruction manual and sales docket. Car originally purchased from Greg Cusack Pty Ltd Canberra and serviced by Cusacks until 1993. Current owner purchased from Muller & Muller VW , Lakemba on 30 June 2000. Car has been in regular registration every year since. Currently registered until 30 June 2021. Car has been serviced for past 20 years by Andrew Dodd Automotive, North Rocks. All receipts held. Current odometer reading is 19,590 miles. Garaged locally, the car has been minimally used over the last few years. Colour is ‘mustard’ and a good looker. Reluctant sale due to ill health of owner. A good, straight, very original car with roof rack. Very good for current use or restoration opportunity. Asking price $9,500.00, negotiable. Would like it to go to a VW Club member or VW enthusiast. Contact owner Carla on mobile 0404 024 922 or email


For Sale:- I have a 1976 VW Kombi van which is from a deceased estate. I’m trying to sell it as the deceased was my brother and he had some outstanding debts that I’m trying to settle. It’s a 1976 blue Kombi, 5 seater, 2L engine. It’s in running shape and is drivable, but needs some work done to it. Currently it’s on historic plates. Please let any of your members who may be interested in buying it to contact me. Regards, Adel 0412 633623 or email 


For Sale: Car fridge/eski and umbrella accessories for VW Sedan purchased by my father in law in 1959/60. Asking Price $200. Contact Kerry Gracan on 0417 509147 or email


For Sale:- Hello! I work for a Trading Company located in the south of Brazil. I inform you that we have in our region a large quantity of (used) VW Campervans T1/T2 for sale and ready for export. We are aware that these vehicles are in great demand throughout Europe and we would like to know if you are interested or maybe tell us someone who is looking for import this vehicle. I am at your disposal to send photos / details and other information you may need about the vehicles. Please contact Vitor Milak Alves at


Wanted:- Front and rear engine tinware for a 1972 Kombi with a 1600 engine. I have the fan housing, head/barrel covers and all the tinware close to the engine, just need the larger front and rear tins. Do you have some I could buy from you? If you can help, please contact Phil Warnecke on 0422 643 036 or email


2nd Month Ads:


For Sale:- I recently purchased a VW Passat from Sydney and had it transport down to Melbourne, since been re-registered and all is good.  It came with personalised NSW Euro style number plates ‘PASSAT’ which I have no obvious use for. NSW Roads Department tell me that anyone holding these plates can request them to go on any currently registered car.  This is very different to the way personalised plates are handled down here with VicRoads.  They also told me there is a yearly charge for displaying such plates on your car in NSW. Is anybody within your club interested in making an offer for these plates? Thanking you in anticipation and good luck in these strange times. Contact Ross Ross Wilkinson at (03) 9788 7740 or email 


For Sale:- VW glove box pull handle. I have a limited number of these handles. Suits all early VW Beetles and Ghias up to 1967. These are hand made in Australia. High quality stainless steel. Easy install. $35 including postage in Australia. Email or text me on 0417 471137


For Sale:- Hi, Cleaning  out my girlfriend’s mother’s house we came across these lap sash seatbelts. I have no idea what year they’re from or what car but I am a car guy and feel that they should be used in some sort of restoration ( btw her father worked as a wharfie and ‘acquired’ a lot of stuff but only one pair of these) just wanted to know if any of your members would be interested  for a fair price mounting bolts are there as well. Contact Mr John Shaw at


Wanted:- G’day. I would like to purchase an old VW Karmann Ghia body, (Engine optional), for a project. I have also heard that there are replica kits available which will probably make you blokes shiver, but one of them may also suit my project. Could you let me know how I may find a body/shell/kit and how much it is likely to cost. Thank you for your time. Please contact Mr Justin Ridge (Aussie Disposals) on 0435 102021 or email


Wanted: Trying to find a back seat for a 1967 Beetle as it has nothing in the back whatsoever except the battery. I have been searching and cannot seem to come up with anything so hoping one of your members may be able to point me in the right direction for where might be able to get one and anything else need back there. Its a two door that has been converted to a convertible well rag top really I guess. Any help greatly appreciated, thank you in advance. Contact  Vincent Whitbread on 0458 638583 or email


For Sale:- The 196Volkswagen ‘Orange Smoothie’ is up for sale. New 1600 engine, Freeway Flyer gearbox, Genuine Porsche Fuchs 15in polished mags, no chrome. $29000.00 or ONO. For a full description and further details contact David Birchall on 0415 957 030 or email