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Classifieds are free to Club VeeDub Sydney members ($10.00 for non-members). Ads submitted will appear here and in our club magazine Zeitschrift for two months (or longer if requested). The deadline for classifieds to appear in Zeitschrift is the first Thursday of the month. Ads will appear first in Zeitschrift, so that our Club Members see them first. They will then be posted here a week or two later.

Members should email their For-Sale ads to the Editor. Non members can purchase an ad online or post a $10.00 cheque/money order to the Secretary, Club VeeDub Sydney Inc.

Photos can be included with your ad - just email JPGs to the Editor.

This page last updated:  December 2020


New ads:

For Sale:- Volkswagen Beetle 1965, Real Patina Style Looking for new home. 1300 cc, 12 V, 19,933 km, manual transmission. Run great original motor. Rego 31/03/2021. Number Plate is not included. Price is $17,500 For more information please contact Angkool on 0450 507999 or email


Wanted:- I have an early Type 3 and time has finally caught up with the interior sun visor. I’m hoping someone in your club might have a spare set they are willing to part with? If can help contact Dion Butterworth at 


Wanted: This, but imploded: for Golf 1977-1980, along with all associated wiring, as long as you can make it, and intermittent-wiper relay. Alternatively, just the wiper switch, wiring and relay for a 1976 Golf. If you can help, contact Rod Young (in Malaysia) at


For Sale:- My name is Dan Fornasier. I have owned a number of VWs over the years, most memorably an ’83 GTI bought new. Man I loved that car. But I also had 3 Jettas that served me and my family very well. I have a copy of the manual covering 1985 to 1992 GTI, Golf and Jetta. I don’t know if any of your members might be interested in it. My wife wanted to throw it out, but I want to see it go to a good home. I only want the cost of shipping, using whatever means the interested party chooses… post, FedEx, whatever. Keep in mind that I am in central Canada and the book weighs about 5 pounds (2.3 kg). I just googled VW clubs and am emailing a few… It would be cool to see the book go ½ round the world. If you are interested, please email or call me at Canada (1)(416)258-2428 any time, I’m retired


Wanted:- I am looking for a front left bumper insert for a 2010 update T5 Transporter. If you can help me, please contact Bruce Madden on 0427 603529 or email 


For Sale:- I have a 2001 Generation Golf that no longer works and I’m looking to sell. Not sure what needs to be fixed to get it going. It has leather seats mostly in pretty good condition, a subwoofer and amp with bass control and the exterior is still in quite good shape so could be useful for spare parts. I loved the car so would prefer to see it be purchased and made road worthy or used for spare parts. Rather than go to scrap metal. Would this be a place to sell my beloved Golf? Please contact Lauren on 0402 247998 or email


Wanted:- I am looking for a Driver’s door for a 1974 Volkswagen L Bug (1303) – prefer Martini Olive in colour – but anything in good condition considered. If you can help, contact Graham on (02) 4441 1166.


Wanted:- I am looking for a 1975 Superbug in good condition, with standard bodywork. Asking Price Neg. If you can help, please contact David Hair on 0450 103460 or email


Free to Good Home:- I have 1969 VW Beetle bumpers, if anyone in your club would like them. I actually  have 2 bumpers, one is silver only surface rust and one red, the silver one is the back I think. I am giving them for free, for anyone who could use them. In the wollongong area nsw. Contact Susan Hughes on 0403 968837 or email


2nd Month ads:

For Sale:- VW Glove Box Pull Tab. These high quality VW glove box tabs are a must-have for any VW owner. Not only do they make opening your Volkswagen glove box a snap, but it also reduces the wear and tear on the glove box latch. Installation is a snap as the tab sits behind your factory glove box latch. No drilling, welding, or glue required! Australian Made from high quality stainless steel, then polished to a car show shine. This glove box tab will fit all Volkswagen Beetles and Karmann Ghias with a glove box release that has a push button. Volkswagen Beetle 1953 – 1967, Volkswagen Karman Ghia 1955 – 1967. Price $35 including postage anywhere in Australia. Contact Carl on 0417 471137.


Free to Good Home:- I am doing a cleanup once again, blame it on Covid if you like, but really I have had my garage refurbished by my grandson who has his own business and has recently added garage floors to the business, using a special paint topped with coloured vinyl flakes and sealed, just a magic  finish.  So, having said that I have a number of spares to move on, I might add all FREE!, I am only too happy to pass them on to a new home. What I have  is:
(4) four headlights, lens rims and connections, some of the connections may need some attention, but generally ok . Two of the headlights came off my 1971 Superbug and have eyelids attached, I replaced them with sealed beams..  The other two are the same vintage 1970’s or thereabouts. Then I have (2) standard front springs in good condition. And (2) Alloy valve covers with locking clips. As I said all free, would like to see them all go together, however, see what happens. I’m based in Figtree, but if need be and someone is really interested I can go to my daughter’s at Lugarno (just up the street from Steve Carter’s home) for lunch one day and bring them with me. Please contact Brian Mannix on 0428 151135 or email 


Free to Good Home:- I was given  a couple of rear seats, originally from a Toyota Tarago. I was going to use one on my kombi and one on my suzuki van. Changed my mind and had them in the kombi to take them to the tip , when i thought someone with a van (any van) might be able to use one or both, so I thought i would advertise them. They are FREE.  They can be picked up at Padstow, Sydney . Phone Phil Warnecke on 0422 643 036. If no one is interested, I will take them to the tip.


For Sale:- I don’t know whether your members are Beetle enthusiasts only (I had one once, as well as a Karmann Ghia!), but I’m about to put my 2000 Passat Variant V6 on the market. It’s done 277,000 km and always fully serviced. Car is located in Canberra and has ACT registration. Please direct enquiries to Adrian Herring at


For Sale:- The 196Volkswagen ‘Orange Smoothie’ is up for sale. New 1600 engine, Freeway Flyer gearbox, Genuine Porsche Fuchs 15in polished mags, no chrome. $29000.00 or ONO. For a full description and further details contact David Birchall on 0415 957 030 or email