• Toy Department - January 2011

    1 January, 2011

    Most of the friction powered toy cars of the of the ‘60s and ‘70s you will find were either made in Hong Kong or China, but Budapest (Hungary) was also very much into VW model making as well. These included plastic and diecast model cars.

    Thanks to language translating sites found on line today we able read most other languages.

    15 years ago, if I said to you “Lenkerekes Mikrobusz”, I would say I need to find someone who can speak Hungarian.  Thanks to the internet the translation on the Model box is easily done and reads “friction powered microbus”.

    These 1/25 scale models were made in the 1970s and later productions were made in 1991, and in the later consider the fact this is already 21 years ago. These models were made in Hungary Budapest as the boxes display. Each box is also stamped Cikkszam 10429 21Januar 1991 Mikrobusz. Depending on condition, good condition of the box, or if they are original castings some of these have been known to sell for upward of $100.

    In this month’s line up we have a dark blue, Green Poliez, yellow, red, Rally (with Tyres on roof), & White ambulance.  Hungary also had licence to run some Matchbox cars in the 70’s and the pizza delivery low light bay window in yellow or blue are some one example which never made it to our shores.


    Happy hunting!

    Tony Bezzina