• Toy Department - October 2010

    1 October, 2010

    Matchbox have excelled themselves again with two new releases in the Matchbox Lesney edition range, which are all limited editions.
    Lesney Products was the British toy company who made the famous ‘Matchbox’ cars. They were founded in 1947 by Lesley and Rodney Smith – ‘Lesney’ is a combination of their first names. After huge successes in the 1950s, ‘60s and ‘70s the company suffered economic woes and, like its competitors Dinky and Corgi, went bankrupt in the early 1980s. In 1982 the company was bought by Universal Holdings Ltd and production was moved to Macau in China. Today Matchbox is owned by the giant US toy company Mattel, who also make the Hot Wheels series.


    We feature these new releases this month and in particular the 1970 two tone blue VW camper. In this version you will see that it has white wall tyres and chrome bumpers. Look out for the rare error in some batches, which only have the rear wheels having a white wall.  Available on line is also the gold collector’s version available only in the US; expect to pay about $50 – $60 for this. Also this white Beetle available in yellow as well is very hard to find, finishing off with the yellow Karmann Ghia and red Type 181 released some months ago.



    There have been many different Matchbox Volkswagens released over the years; a VW toy collector could spend all his time just on them alone.

    Cheers for now,

    Tony Bezzina