Toy Department

  • Toy Department - January 2011

    1 January, 2011

    Most of the friction powered toy cars of the of the ‘60s and ‘70s you will find were either made in Hong Kong or China, but Budapest (Hungary) was also very much into VW model making as… read more

  • Toy Department - December 2010

    1 December, 2010

    Welcome to another toy department edition! With Christmas fast approaching, stocking fillers of the VW model variety come to mind! Recently on the pegs and down the shops we have some new model VW… read more

  • Toy Department - October 2010

    1 October, 2010

    Matchbox have excelled themselves again with two new releases in the Matchbox Lesney edition range, which are all limited editions.Lesney Products was the British toy company who made the famous… read more

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