2003 Volkswagen Golden Jubilee

Volkswagen Golden Jubilee at Darling Harbour & and 2003 Sydney Motor show.


19th October 2003 at Darling Harbour

This event was organised by the VW Classic & Vintage club, the cars were chosen by the Volkswagen Group and what a great effort it was too. Most of the VW clubs were represented in the display.

The day began at Cammeray, north of the harbour bridge where a light breakfast, tea & coffee were provided, just the thing to kick-start the day and check out all the cars.

8.30 am was the staring time for the convoy to begin the trip into the city under police escort. Imagine over 50 VWs in single file and in a bus lane snaking over the Sydney Harbour Bridge and not one traffic light to impede your progress all the way to Darling Harbour.

On arrival Ivy played traffic cop and soon had us all parked in our right places where we dispersed to our various options. The Sydney Motor Show, harbour side shops or the other cars that were displayed at various sites around the area or just congregate around the best display (this one!)

The weather was great plenty of sun and if that got to you, in the Bay side room there were guest speakers including Jurgon Seil a former VW service manager, Ray McMahon who led the expedition to Antarctica with the ruby red Antarctica 1, Richard Amery fellow VW enthusiast who was only given two minutes (being a member of state parliament I thought that was fair but he ignored the time limit), also TV journalist and presenter Jeff Watson who had some funny tales to tell and race and rally VW driver Barry Ferguson who showed slides of his many feats in various events. It was great place to get out of the heat and if lucky enough enjoy a piece of birthday cake.

The majority of the people who were looking at the VW display were good but I'm sure some kids don't know what NO means as several of us played guard over the darg car trying to keep the little dears out and off it. Some were very polite and asked Dave questions about it (glad they didn't ask me) and thanked us afterwards, which was nice. One brat tried to get into Ray's car when I opened the door but soon got told, "not to even think about it".

However it was a very enjoyable day in spite of the early start and spending about 8 hours at the venue.

In closing on behalf of everyone lucky enough to be chosen to attend I'd like to thank, Steve, Ray, Bill, Caro, Ivy and all members of the VWC&V club for our medallions and the opportunity to show off our pride and joys and congratulations on the day.