2013 Superprint

2013 VW Nationals Supersprint information

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Friends in Motorsport,
On behalf of Club VW Sydney I would like to extend to you and your members an invitation to attend our 4th Annual SuperSprint at Wakefield Park on Saturday 25th May 2013.
The event organising committee is made up of both experienced as well as enthusiastic motorsport personnel who are making every effort to run a smooth and exciting event.  
The event will be held under a CAMS event permit and follow the CAMS NSW guidelines for supersprints.  The entry fee will be $170 for pre entries received on or before May 17th 2013. Entries received after this date will incur $30 late fee and be accepted subject to organisers discretion.  Please accept our invitation to attend this event and could you kindly pass on the Supplementary Regs and Entry Forms to those members who may wish to attend at your next meeting. 
In closing could I also request that if any of your members who may wish to help out on the day and are CAMS qualified in the roles of flag marshals or scrutineer we would greatly appreciate any help that may be offered.
Please email all queries to Chris Fraser: clfraser@gmail.com or call 02 4298 6320 during business hours.



** Pre-entries have now CLOSED **

Note to Club Members:  Please login before purchasing tickets.  This will automatically fill in your details for you!



Please make sure you read the entire supplementary regulations carefully.  When sending in your forms make sure that you fill in all relevant details.  If you haven’t competed before and aren’t sure which class or group you should go in, you can leave those sections blank, but send in a list of vehicle mods so that we can have a guess at where you might fit in.  Please fill in the top section of the scrutineering form and send that in as well.  One last thing, an entry is NOT an entry until the entry fee is paid.  Your entry is not accepted until it is paid for.  If paying by cheque, the cheque must clear before entry is accepted.


Minimum licence requirements is a CAMS Level 2 Speed (L2S) which allows you to compete in motorkhanas, supersprints, and hillclimbs.  There are no licence tests involved, just fill in the application form.  The licence fee of $100 includes Personal Accident Insurance.
You will also need current membership of a CAMS affiliated car club. Membership of Club Vee Dub is available subject to approval to owners/drivers of any of the Volkswagen brands ie Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT etc. Alternatively you can use the club finder on the CAMS website to find a club near you. 
The event will be based on the NSW Supersprint Panel's guidelines for NSW supersprint.
The vehicle categories will be in accordance with the NSW supersprint vehicle type regulations.

Minimum requirements for road registered car are:

• a 900g fire extinguisher
• a battery triangle to mark battery position (use blue electrical tape)
• competition number on both sides of car (contrasting tape, boot polish)
• tape headlights (any kind of tape, contact)
• secondary bonnet restraint (rope, belt, pins)
• ankle to wrist to neck non flammable clothing. jeans and a long sleeve cotton shirt is OK, or overalls.
• non flammable shoes, no nylon.
• helmet. Any with the Australian standards sticker.
• need to be a member of a CAMS affiliated car club
• need a CAMS L2S licence. (form available on the website)

Useful Links:

Join Club VeeDub - Follow this link to join Club VeeDub or to renew your membership.
CAMS Website
CAMS Competition Licence Forms
Autospeed article on supersprints
NOTE:  If submitting paperwork to CAMS it should be submitted no later than Friday 26th April to ensure that it is processed and returned to you in time for the event.  Entrants must produce all required paperwork, licences and club membership cards on the day or you will be required to apply for and fill in new applications on the day and pay any application and/or membership fees.