VW Nationals 2003

2003 VW Nationals

Well the VW Nationals is over again for another year. I have heard from many independent sources that this year’s Nationals was one of the best ever.


As luck would have it we were unable to have the traditional drag racing on Easter Saturday, as it would have most likely been washed out. The new Western Sydney International Raceway (WSID) ¼-mile track was not finished in time, and our old 1/8-mile venue at Oran Park is no longer able to host drag racing. The Western Sydney International Raceway (WSID) should be operational later this year, so for the first time next year the VW Nationals will include ¼-mile drag racing.

Sydney experienced some very wet weather leading up to and during the Easter Weekend. We can't complain too much as we really needed the rain, it's just a pity it wasn't received in our dam catchment areas and in rural drought affected areas. The wet weather really demonstrated the value of our undercover area for the show and shine and swap meet.

Car show entries were up this year as was the standard of the entries, and lots of new cars made a smorgasbord of VWs for all to enjoy. We welcomed a very strong contingent from interstate that made their way to the event. Some came for the Bug-in, which was held this year in Western Sydney over the Easter weekend. There were many first timers to the VW Nationals and many have vowed to return next year. Congratulations to all the trophy winners and thanks to all entrants for making the effort to attend our show.

Included in this issue is a A3 poster with just a few photos of the many that I received after the VW Nationals. At the bottom is of the page is a handy list of VW Nationals sponsors; they support your club, so please support them. You can view many more photos from the VW Nationals on the clubs website. The first photos from the event were uploaded on the Easter Sunday evening. I was so tired after the early start that morning that I fell asleep at the keyboard while I was uploading the photos to the club website! The rest were uploaded the next day. My thanks to Luis Guarch and Gregory Nomchong for their photos.

On the show day we had the usual problem. Some of the cars in the car park were thought, by some, to be better than some of the cars on show. With the new parking arrangements the inside VW only parking area was very close to the show area so the two areas merged.

Thanks to the Tutungi family dancers for keeping us entertained during the day and for the excellent face painting. It's heartening to see many of our newer club members getting in and lending a hand; it was very much appreciated, as was the continuing support from the older hands in the club.

Steve Carter