VW Nationals 2010

2010 VW Nationals

This month’s meeting, June, will be a VW Nationals ‘post mortem’, so we are looking for ideas and suggestions to make next year’s show even better. Come along and let us know what you think.


Wakefield Park – what a blast. If you entered a car and had a drive, you’ll know what a great experience it is. Well done to all our officials, flaggies and scrutineers on the day. It’s a thankless job but I am sure they enjoyed themselves watching the proceedings and racing. I only managed 4 runs this year, as we have several groups with only 2 or 3 cars running, but this will be adjusted and improved for next year’s event. I did improve my fastest time by 7 seconds and had a ball on the track. We hope to see more VWs next year, and especially more newer VWs like Golfs.

Our twenty third Volkswagen Nationals show went off relatively smoothly, on Sunday 23rd May. This was now our third year of moving away from the traditional Easter weekend, and by the increased number of entries we had, it was the best decision we could have made. It’s only growing stronger. I know of many interstate visitors and traders who attended on the day.

Once again I stayed on the front entry gate until 11.30am. Together with a few helps we managed to allow in people who were supposed to be inside. We definitely required this extra room to allow the 213-odd entries into the show area parking – the biggest number we’ve ever had. Thanks to our judges for a great effort; it still took most of the day just to judge the air-cooled cars. The water-cooled cars were peer-judged. The multi-media winner display proved a success, but even the 50" TV we used was too small. Next year we will be using a 3-metre screen and projector to display each winning vehicle.

The ‘Traders’ Alley’ proved a success with both vendors and enthusiasts. Our set up appeared to work out well with supplies turning up and moving to their assigned positions with the help of a few volunteers on the day. I noticed it was crowded most of the day. Several suppliers even made the trek all the way from Melbourne and Brisbane.

Thanks to the club members who turned up on Saturday night to help set; worked tirelessly throughout the day, and followed up by cleaning up and leaving late on Sunday afternoon. They are the backbone of the club and the committee really appreciated the effort that it took to have the most successful Nationals to date. This is as testified by the positive comments and emails that have been received after the Nationals. Job Well Done!! We couldn’t have done it without them.

The food was once again excellent this year, with the people from Parramatta Rotary Club doing a great job of pushing the meals through. Lines were long at busy times but they moved quickly. We had 2 coffee shops this year so those lines were reduced.

Don’t forget to support our show sponsors this year; they’re all listed on the back page of each month’s magazine. These people help us out, so if you’re looking for something for your car, go along and see them. Thanks to all our sponsors on the day, without whom there would be no show.

Once again Volkswagen Group Australia supported our show. We had several band-new loan vehicles, such as a Golf Wagon and a Passat CC for the show day display. Ken Barry from VGA helped us with the presentation of the trophies for the car show.

Keepon Kruzin’

David Birchall